Saturday, April 21, 2007

Local Cuisine

Greetings Friends,

I am extremely excited after learning about one of the local cuisines of Peru and surrounding Incan areas.....the infamous guinea pig!

The guinea pig is either fried or baked, and is served whole (head, paws and all) on a platter with potatoes and vegetables. They claim it tastes a little like chicken, but with a gamey flavour all of its own. They are also supposed to be low in fat and cholesterol! This means I can chow down and some GP on my trip!

That's right folks, I am seriously considering eating some of these cuddle, furry, and cute little rodents while I am on my adventure. How can one travel to another country and not try one of their staples. That would be like going to Japan and not eating sushi!

I will leave it to you guys to vote in the comments on what you think I should do. Should the majority agree with me I will sample this fine furred animal on my trip and post video and pictures for those who wish to live vicariously.

So now is your chance to vote in something where I am sure your vote will matter. Should I be a guinea pig and partake in dinning on one?