Sunday, April 1, 2007

INDY 500- Dudes who wanted to come out PLEASE READ

Greetings Race Fans!!!

I have purchased tickets today for the 91st running of the INDY 500! I have 15 tickets in total and I need those who are planning to attend to get me their cash asap (this was not a small bill).

So far I have JT +3, BS +2, and PS +2. Please confirm ASAP and if you don't have my mailing address shoot me an email (go to the link on my profile) and I will send it to you. The tickets are $70.50 each. TP would have joined but his ass will be at a NASCAR race.

You guys should plan on staying with me since we can do the lake the day before but we will probably need to rent at least one extra car.


I am looking forward to having you guys out!



Jeff said...

Vroom Vroom, the Toren's are coming to Indy!!!

MT said...

Is this a family-friendly event? I've investigated travel and am very interested, but my race-day conduct is not known to be family friendly, so I need to know whether or not Frank the Tank can be unleashed!

Hillbilly Ninja said...

None of that sissy euro racing for this boy! I'll be at Charlotte Motor Speedway with the rest of the 400,000 rednecks enjoying a weekend of cold beer, grilled meat, and gas fumes.

Hope the rest of your have a good time though. I'll be drinking about ya...

Sparky said...


The Toren's might not make it so there may be some extra tickets. As far as family, there will be some kids there but if you choose to act like a kid that won't be a problem. It would not be the first time that JJ had the highest IQ leaving the race.