Saturday, April 21, 2007

All Set for the Big Trip

Greetings Friends,

After $500 and 8 more shots I am all ready for the expedition! I forgot just how painful the Yellow Fever and Typhoid Fever shots were. It did not help that the nurse at the travel clinic mistook my shoulder for a dart board and I am NOT kidding. The lady gave me all 8 shots in less than one minute. She definitely will not be receiving any post cards from me on my trip.

I also was armed with an digestive care kit as well as Anti-Malarial medication. I am laughing my ass off after reading about the medication side effects on WebMD. I guess they still out weight the downside of Malaria. The doctor told me that the most common side effect in men was "crazy dreams"....great!

The following side effects are associated with Lariam Oral:

Common side effects:

Problems with Eyesight Less Severe
Cannot Focus Thoughts Less Severe
Dizzy Less Severe
Abnormal Trouble Sleeping Less Severe
Loss of Appetite Less Severe
Head Pain Less Severe
Feel Like Throwing Up Less Severe
Throwing Up Less Severe
Diarrhea Less Severe
Stomach Cramps Less Severe

Rare side effects:

Depression Severe
Slow Heartbeat Severe
Hallucination Severe
Seizures Severe
Nervous Severe
Confused Severe
Mental Disorder with Loss of Normal Personality & Reality Severe
Anxious Severe

The great thing is have to take this stuff for nine weeks! There is no cure for malaria it actually just keeps your liver from getting fried if you do get it.


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