Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back In Cusco


Well the visit to Machu Picchu was AWESOME! When I get to Lima tomorrow I will upload some more pictures when I get a chance to get them burned to CD. I can´t wait to show everyone the pictures.

I was daring yesterday and made the climb to the top of Wyna Picchu for a spectacular view of the ruins. Half way up to the top I realized that Peru did not have the same level of safety standards as the US and it the pucker factor was pegged out at 11. But I did make safely up and down and it was worth the sweat, bug bites, and scrapes.

Tonight is our last night in Cusco before we head out to Lima. I have really grown to like this town, the food, and the people. For my friends who are adventurous I would highly recommend a trip here! (JT I would not bring the kiddo´s until they are over 12).

Henry and I have acquired pan flutes during our travels the last few days. We have decieded to put on a concert for the group in our last dinner together tomorrow evening. I think we will rock the house with twinkle twinkle little star.....don´t worry, I will get video!

After the group splits in Lima I will be heading off for Quito, Ecuador to start the Galapagos part of my trek! I am really excited about the experience.

I miss you guys and I will see you soon.



Anonymous said...

Dear Dad,

I miss you so much! I hope you eat much GP. Don't get sick!!! Bring me back a GP ( Mom says no to this by the way). Okay bring me back a cool toy! Mean old mom has to ruin it for me.
I hope you see a pyramid. Take lots of pictures. If you go into the Pacific Ocean, Amelia Airhart was dead there. Keep your eyes out for her ha ha! (He is learning about her in school right now)
I hope you have a great time on the islands. I love you very much. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Okay I can't wait to see the video of your concert debut! Sounds like you are having a great time! Everything here is great. I have everything at your place under control. You will be all set and ready when you get home. Keep enjoying the trip to the fullest and remember to call JJ when you get the chance!